What Does SOS Mean On Iphone: Understanding Emergency SOS Feature

What Does SOS Mean On Iphone

What Does SOS Mean On Iphone

Hey there we will discuss about What Does SOS Mean On Iphone. If you use an iPhone, you may have noticed the term “SOS” on your phone and may be curious as to what it means and how it functions. This in-depth guide will cover the Emergency SOS feature in great detail and explain what SOS on iPhone means. Understanding Emergency SOS is essential whether you’re an experienced iPhone user or new to the Apple ecosystem since it has the potential to save lives in dangerous situations.

What is SOS on iPhone?

SOS, which stands for “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship,” is a distress signal that is widely accepted as a universal code for requesting quick assistance in times of need. SOS is a function on iPhones that enables users to quickly and covertly call for assistance in an emergency and notify their emergency contacts.

How to Activate Emergency SOS on iPhone

It’s easy to activate Emergency SOS on your iPhone, and it can save your life in emergency situations. Here’s how to make it possible:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone to access the settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select “Emergency SOS.”
  • To activate SOS using your device’s side button, turn on the “Call with Side Button” option.
  • Adding emergency contacts is as simple as tapping “Edit Emergency Contacts.” When you utilize the Emergency SOS feature, these contacts will receive a notification.

How to Use Emergency SOS on iPhone

It’s simple to use Emergency SOS once you’ve activated it. The following steps will enable Emergency SOS on different iPhone models:

For iPhone 8 and Later Models:

  • Quickly Press the Side Button: Press the side button on the right side of your iPhone quickly five times. This button is also known as the power button.
  • Emergency SOS Slider: The Emergency SOS slider will show up on the screen after five side button presses.
  • Slide to Call: To make an emergency call, slide the Emergency SOS slider to the right. When an emergency arises, your iPhone will immediately dial local emergency services, such as 911.
  • Emergency Contacts Notified: Your chosen emergency contacts will be notified through text message that you have placed an emergency call and where you are currently located once the emergency call has ended.

For iPhone 7 and Earlier Models

  • Press the Side or Top Button Quickly: Quickly press the side button (on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) or top button (on the iPhone 6s and prior versions) five times.
  • Emergency SOS Slider: The screen will display the Emergency SOS slider, just like on later models.
  • SOS Emergency Slider: To make an emergency call, move the slider to the right.
  • Emergency Contacts Notified: Your chosen emergency contacts will be informed through text message that you have made an emergency call and have given them your current location after the emergency call has ended.

Customizing Emergency SOS Settings

You can modify a few parameters to make the Emergency SOS feature more suitable to your requirements and preferences:

Auto Call: By default, Emergency SOS places a call to emergency services automatically. If you would rather confirm the call before it is placed, you can disable this option.

Countdown Sound: When Auto Call is turned on, an emergency call is preceded by a loud alert sound for three seconds. If you prefer a silent call initiation, you can select to turn off the countdown sound.

pressing on the Side Button: You can select between three and five pressing on the side button to activate the Emergency SOS feature.

Cancel SOS: You can turn off the “Hold to Auto Call” setting if you accidentally activated SOS. This minimizes the risk by requiring you to slide the Emergency SOS slider before placing the emergency call.

Using Emergency SOS While Traveling Abroad

The Emergency SOS feature’s ability to function while traveling abroad is a crucial component. Your iPhone will immediately dial the regional emergency services number if you accidentally utilize Emergency SOS while traveling abroad. Even if your device is locked or you don’t have a SIM card in it, the feature will still function.

Family and Friends as Emergency Contacts

The SOS feature lets you name family members or friends as emergency contacts in addition to summoning emergency services. Your chosen contacts will receive an automatic text message with your location when you activate Emergency SOS. If you’re in a scenario where you need support but might not be able to speak directly, this can be quite useful.


When necessary, the iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature is a vital tool that can give users quick access to emergency assistance. You may make sure that you’re ready to manage unforeseen crises successfully by learning how to enable, use, and customize Emergency SOS. This feature gives you the freedom to get assistance swiftly and discretely whether you’re at home or on the go, which might possibly save lives in emergency situations.

Install Emergency SOS on your iPhone and add your emergency contacts right now. In an emergency, being proactive can make all the difference. Keep yourself secure and don’t be afraid to use this useful tool when it comes in handy.

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